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Pure natural essential oils by Esoteric Oils

Although we are not a huge company, we strive to provide clients with only the very best essential oils found on this planet. Our oils are sourced from smaller growers who follow organic principles of growing the botanical material used to extract the essential oils.

100% pure natural essential oils carrier oils bre-blended mixed blends on this page

Quality of our essential oils

Although some of our 100% pure natural essential oils do carry official organic certification, some growers are so small and very remote, with the result that they cannot get, nor afford official organic certification – although they farm the plant material as they have done for centuries.

We do not mix, blend, cut or adulterate any of the essential oils as we do not believe in quick profits, and inferior quality – and for this reason this part of Sallamander Concepts has been a trusted source of essential oils since 2001.

To make some very expensive essential oils more affordable – like our pure Mysore sandalwood, jasmine, rose and chamomile [German or Roman] (camomile) - we offer them in a 25% blend, but these are clearly marked and identified as such.

We carry a very large variety of oils and also some carrier oils to use with them and also a selection of pre-blended massage and treatment oils to save the time and effort of mixing your own blends.

Certificate of analysis Pure_natural_essential_oils_by_Esoteric_Oils

We have a "certificate of analysis" on file of all the oils we sell, and should you require, you could request copies when ordering.

The certificates will be e-mailed to you, as the ordering processing staff does not have the time to attend to this. Therefore, the certificates will be e-mailed directly to you, and not sent with the parcels, UNLESS you specifically request this via e-mail from our offices.

Information on essential oils

Our website offers a range of free resources, and many essential oils are discussed (although we for a reason may not sell all of them) as well as the properties of the various carrier oils. We discuss dilution rates when using essential oils, safety issues concerning the use of essential oils, as well as looking at specific problem areas, such as epilepsy and pregnancy and which oils to use with which common ailments etc…

Ordering essential oils from us

All the oils are listed on our product summary page, and you can order on-line using Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.

Worldwide delivery Pure_natural_essential_oils_by_Esoteric_Oils

Our prices are quoted in US Dollars, as it is one of the best known currencies, but we provide a currency converter, for you to see the approximate price in your local currency.

All US Dollar prices include worldwide delivery via 1st class mail from London (UK) with Royal Mail.

Orders in South Africa are sent from our Cape Town office, and we also have South African Rand prices and a shopping cart for South African orders.

Essential oils on offer

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African oils on offer

Special oils on offer

Pre-blended oil mixtures on offer

Carrier oils on offer

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